‘New World RedClay’ Technology for a Renaissance of American Tennis



RedClay USA is pleased to spearhead the movement to RedClay tennis in America.  RedClay has finally evolved to a new technology, designed for the USA by RCUSA.  Virtually no maintenance, and little water use outdoors (none indoors!) makes it the most economical, functional and beautiful tennis court of all time.  Call RCUSA now at: 231 622 1869!

RCUSA is introducing our New World RedClay™ technology to the USA!


RCUSA exclusive technology has been evolving from Europe for over a decade!


RCUSA technology brings clay courts out of the country clubs and into any public park, school or private club because the expensive maintenance and water costs are eliminated!  Beauty and function – – without the burden of typical costs associated with traditional red or green clay courts!


And if RedClay tennis is very affordable, then America has the opportunity to learn and play for a lifetime on real RedClay, just like the tradition of lifelong tennis playing in Europe.

Our RCUSA initiatives are promoting RedClay courts for every club, school and public park.


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RedClay tennis is one of the best new alternative sports for school systems to adopt, as more move away from the excessive dangers of contact sports, like football.


          (Nina Pantic: June 2015 article)

Our RedClay courts mix real traditional terra cotta red clay with proprietary polymer blends and works for both indoor and outdoor courts.

Real red clay – – now improved through our own creative construction, is ready to provide the incentive to shift the American game to the all-time global favorite tennis surface…voila!!!  red clay!!!

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The RCUSA court technology has a proven record of success in Europe.

Our outdoor courts require essentially 90% less maintenance and water than traditional red or green clay.  This is the ultimate “game changer” for U.S. tennis. This makes RedClay affordable and useable everywhere, and RedClay is long proven to be forgiving on the body and pleasing to the eye, not only just the most popular surface to raise champions on.

Why play on our RedClay Courts?

The new RedClay surface combines the best attributes of hard and clay courts.  It provides a definitive, consistent flat surface layer, covered with only millimeters of loose, real red clay top dressing, for fantastic sliding and perfect “tractional give” to help save your joints.

This also provides the perfect ball bounce and speed.  The same basic red clay materials, but with improved court playability compared to any traditional red clay court in Europe.


Our RedClay requires “virtually no” maintenance (only sweep the topping sand after play – – NO rolling, EVER!)  And only the few millimeters of the RedClay top dressing is needed to be kept moist for play outdoors.

No more 24/7 of keeping the entire court and sub-base constantly moist as traditional clay courts require!

The indoor RedClay version requires no watering at all!  The top dressing is treated with a polymer for permanent moist properties, and never requires any water or rolling, only sweep away your slide marks when finished playing!


RCUSA works in association with other leading court innovators, including Sportas GmbH and other RedClay developers in Europe. to offer the latest RedClay court technology.

New technology and traditional terra cotta red clay!  We offer the best of both worlds.  Truly a first for American tennis. Even the new plastic lines are permanently embedded into the court surface (no nails!), so no maintenance ever is needed with these lines.

RCUSA is pleased to be the first to bring to America this wonderful modernized version of a timeless European classic.


Our RedClay is now ready for the USA.  Please contact us at 231 622 1869 or email to info@redclayusa.com

We look forward to being part of your tennis future as we present the future of RedClay!


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