WTA Porsche Grand Prix Tennis in Stuttgart with our RedClay™ pro court, April 29, 2018 – – link to all photos

Congratulations to runner-up Coco Vandeweghe!

The First USA RedClay Tennis Academy Announced

RedClay™ courts become part of the U.S. landscape…the red clay landscape!

Press Release:  April 25, 2018, announcing US tennis facilities adding our RedClay™ technology, including in Florida, South Carolina, New Jersey, Michigan…

Simply – – the most affordable, longest-lasting and – – of course – – most desirable tennis court in the world.  It finally brings clay tennis out of the country clubs and to general public!

Our RedClay court systems combine traditional terra cotta courts of Europe with the latest technology for improved function for the best overall cost effectiveness of ANY tennis court!  

In fact, so advanced is our RedClay™ court technology, we do not offer the vastly more expensive traditional clay courts found in America and Europe.

Our RedClaypro courts are already being used for tour-level professional tournaments, plus Davis and Fed Cup competitions.

Our RedClay™ pro court technology:  the Official Court of the WTA 2017-18-19  Porsche Tennis Grand Prix, Porsche Arena, Stuttgart.



Join the world in a love affair with our RedClay™ and all the beauty and function it offers!


RedClay USA and exclusive partner Viacor GmbH of Germany present the real terra cotta court that puts “red dirt” into American tennis!


RedClay™ does not stay still when you move…and that’s what saves your joints so you’ll always keep on the move!

See and hear in seconds, the function and beauty of our USA-installed Renaissance RedClay™…

Our RedClay™ courts can change your idea of what tennis should be in America!

How it works:  (see above illustration)

  1.    The thin topping layer of finely crushed red clay material is loose and allows for perfect sliding and surface “give” below your feet which reduces stress on body joints, the secret of clay court tennis  – – NOT how “soft” the surface is.
  2.    The larger crushed red clay material below the topping layer surface is held permanently in place with a binder that gives a consistently flat and firm subsurface for sliding, which is extremely water permeable (no clay court puddles or saturation).  No maintenance is required to this sub-suface, so it is always ready for play, and not subject to frost or freeze.
  3.    Below the two layers of different-sized  red clay material is a basic underground sub-base of compacted gravel for easy drainage.

RedClaycourt technology at WTA Stuttgart 2017-2018 Porsche Grand Prix, the largest indoors women’s professional tournament in the world.

Maria on our RedClay™ pro court, 2017…

Link here to the  letter from Porsche Tournament Director, Markus Günthardt, recommending our  RedClay™ courts to anyone.

WTA players and their coaches practicing on our RedClay™, 2017!

Through innovation, clay court tennis comes out of the expensive country clubs and is now affordable to any tennis facility!

A simple Two-Day Hard Court Conversion process adds our RedClay to any existing hard or green clay courts!


Tennis Klubb Teaching Pro, Norway, summer 2017.

 Viacor/RCUSA Partnership Press Release

Our RedClay™ systems are the best tennis court values for any US climate, both aesthetically and economically.

How our courts are the most economical:

  1. Virtually no maintenance (i.e., no heavy rolling of clay ever, or constant moisture needed; and lines are permanent requiring no upkeep.)  No repaving, resurfacing or patching of any kind.
  2. Minimal watering required outdoors, on ONLY the 2-3 mm finely ground, red clay terra cotta topping layer you slide on.
  3. No moisture is required at all in the red clay terra cotta solid subsurface layer below the topping layer.  It can become dry, using no water, unlike green clay.
  4. “Treated” indoor court topping (used at the Porsche Grand Prix) uses NO water at all.  The only indoor red clay court needing no water!
  5. Our outdoor RedClay courts are extremely porous, so no water saturation can occur – – No more waiting for the court to dry/drain after rain.

The white poly lines are permanently embedded in the solid, seamless red clay base layer – – the base layer so porous that any amount of water runs right through – – like a seeve!   No chance for rain water to sit or puddle on the playing surface, plus no fussing with the lines – – ever!

Our Renaissance RedClay™ courts the most economical, functional and pleasing tennis courts of any kind.

Easy court conversions are possible, resurfacing any existing hard court or green clay with RedClay.

Beauty and function.

“I am very impressed with the RCUSA’s RedClay™ court technology… it’s an exciting improvement over the beautiful traditional red clay tennis found in Europe!

The new technology makes a RedClay™ court as good as the classic French Open courts, because these courts are always in prime playing condition with their solid, consistent, safe sliding surface no matter the amount of rain or use.

I highly recommend them for the USA and UK, to begin the long over due adoption of red clay for our countries,”

—WTA Coach—

Why play on our RedClay™ court?

Real red clay – – improved through our creative construction, is ready to provide the incentive to shift American school sport to tennis and the all-time global favorite tennis surface… RedClay™!

RedClay™ tennis is now the ideal alternative sport for school systems to adopt, as more families move away from the excessive dangers of contact sports like football.

Our outdoor courts being virtually maintenance free, make RedClay™ affordable and useable everywhere for public schools.


Our sample videos show the perfect, predictable ball bounce and speed.  All by using the same basic red clay materials, but with our improved playability characteristics compared to any traditional clay court.

No more  keeping the entire court and sub-base constantly moist 24/7 as traditional clay courts require!  Or quitting play when frost or freezing temperatures are present.  

And, our indoor Renaissance RedClay™ pro version requires no watering at all!  The top dressing is treated with a compound that keeps a permanent moist property, and never requires any water or rolling, only sweep away your slide marks when finished with play!

 Please contact us for custom quotes at 231 622 1869 or email at info@redclayusa.com

We look forward to being part of your tennis culture as we present the future with RedClay™!