America’s new Engineered RedClay pro courts – – imported from Germany!  

Traditional red clay constructed with today’s latest patent-pending techniques.

The most important new court for American tennis in 50 years!

A slide on Engineered RedClay pro is worth a thousand words!

 Patent-pending Engineered RedClay pro– – world class court technology now available in the U.S.A. 


Join the world’s love affair with real red clay tennis.   Engineered RedClay pro courts combine old-world beauty with superior function through innovation!


Traditional terra cotta (red clay from Europe) engineered for a new global  court standard!


Exclusively from RedClay USA and Viacor GmbH!    


Fed Cup Europe 2018

Discover the future of American tennis – – as it finally embraces Europe’s history of red clay!


New proprietary clay court technology brings affordable  “clay for all”!     


RedClay pro Official Court,Porsche Grand Prix Tennis

Engineered RedClay pro  – –  Innovation and Quality


U.S. tennis facility locations adding our Engineered RedClay pro include:   Florida, South Carolina, New Jersey, Michigan, Nevada, Texas.  

Above:  Boyne Mountain Resort, Michigan

“I like the ease of slide on the new RedClay court. It’s a light and giving surface with a true and predictable bounce,”  Fernando Belmar, Traverse City, MI Teaching Professional from Spain, Former #1 Michigan State University Tennis Team, playing on Boyne Mountain RedClay.

Our patent-pending Engineered RedClay pro court systems combine traditional terra cotta red clay imported from Europe constructed with innovative no-maintenance, water-porous layers – –  for unmatched performance of ANY tennis court!  

September 2018:  RCUSA PRESS RELEASE


Largest U.S. RedClay Tennis Club Coming to New Jersey

RedClay USA teams with Peak Tennis NJ to build largest RedClay tennis club in USA.

PETOSKEY, Mich. (PRWEB) September 06, 2018 — RedClay USA announces its partnership with the new Peak Tennis NJ in the biggest indoor/outdoor RedClay tennis facility in North America, opening early 2019.

The new multi-million dollar state-of-the-art facility near Princeton initially features twelve “RedClay pro” brand courts from Germany.

“RedClay tennis is coming to America in a big grass-roots way through tennis directors and clubs eager to adopt our new proven technology,” stated RCUSA CEO Brian Osterberg, teamed exclusively with German partners Viacor GmbH and Dispo GmbH.

The RedClay courts are the latest patent-pending innovation in clay courts and currently the Official Court of the Porsche Grand Prix Tennis event, the WTA’s premier indoor women’s professional tournament. Used indoors, the RedClay courts require no water.

“Being the first in our area, we’re pleased to offer this 21st century industry standard for tennis courts,” stated Peak Tennis Director, Chris Marquis, “RedClay pro courts are the most desirable for all tennis needs: social play, teaching and all levels of competition.”

As their Official Court Supplier, RCUSA together with Peak Tennis, are spearheading a five-year ‘RedClay Revolution’ campaign in North America. “Once we install the RedClay pro courts, everyone will want them,” stated Peak Tennis High-Performance Coach and former ATP player, Christian Guevera.

David Park of Hollywood, FL, home of Smatt Tennis Academy, begins conversion from old green clay to new RedClay courts in December. Owner Jesse Smatt stated, “All Florida is buzzing about the RedClay as the answer to our green clay courts becoming unplayable after heavy rain. I don’t know who would install anything else but RedClay pro courts today, anywhere.”

 Full Press Release, click here. 


Let us tell you more! 


RedClay USA and exclusive German partners, Viacor GmbH and Dispo GmbH, use proprietary mixtures of real red clay and binders that put “red dirt” into American tennis!


RedClay moves just that little bit on the surface – – just like any French Open court – – and saves your knee and hip joints from stress!

Our RedClay™ courts change the idea of what tennis should be in America, challenging the hard court mentality, everywhere!

A letter from Las Vegas:




How it works:  (see above illustration)

    1.    The thin topping layer of finely crushed red clay (topping sand) is loose and allows for perfect sliding as it “gives” below your feet reducing stress on body joints – – the secret of clay court tennis, NOT how “soft” the surface is.
    2.    The larger crushed red clay material layer in the middle is extremely hard and porous, held permanently in place with a binder for a consistently flat hard surface below the topping sand.  It’s extremely water permeable (no puddles can occur from rain, and can’t become saturated).  No compacting is ever required, so it’s always ready for play, and is not subject to frost or freeze.  No seasonal shut down of the court is necessary.


Engineered RedClay procourt technology at WTA Stuttgart 2018 Porsche Grand Prix, world’s biggest indoor women’s professional tournament.


RedClay pro court…the most fun to play on!


Link here to the  letter from Porsche Tournament Director, Markus Günthardt, recommending our  RedClay™ courts to anyone.

  Our indoor Engineered RedClay pro requires no watering at all – ever!

The indoor topping clay is treated with a compound that keeps a permanent moistened property, and never requires any water.  No moisture issues and the best indoor tennis court of all!

Chris Marquis, Tennis Director, Peak Tennis NJ at Boyne Mountain.

A simple two-day Court Conversion process puts our RedClay on top of any existing hard court or green clay!  

The white plastic lines are permanently embedded in the hard, seamless red clay base layer – – a base layer so porous that any amount of water runs right through – – like a sieve!   Leaving no chance for rain water to sit or puddle on the playing surface.

Our new patent-pending technology allows a RedClay court to always be in prime playing condition with a solid, consistent, safe sliding surface  – – no matter the rain or amount of use. 

No more keeping a clay court and sub-base moist 24/7, as traditional clay courts require!  Or quitting play when frost or freezing temperatures are present.  Our courts can be left bone dry if not being used, and are resistant to temperature extremes, so no need for “shutting down” the courts for winter or prepping them in the spring!

 Please contact us for custom court installation quotes at 231 622 1869 or email at

We look forward to being part of your tennis culture as we present the future of American tennis with RedClay!